Saturday, September 6, 2014

Statues Are Not Idols

"The Buddha statues, the many statues all around you, created a subtle geometry.  You will be surprised - that is the basic reason why the statues were created; they are not idols, as you think.  The Christian and the Mohammedan and the Judaic idea has given a very wrong notion to the world.  Statues are not idols; they are very scientific.  They are not objects to be worshipped; they are geometries to be imbibed.  It is a totally different thing."  - Osho

Statues and pictures just like music can be used as a motivation to strive towards excellence.  Music can put you in a certain mood and so can statues and pictures.  Statues and pictures can become a visual motivation to achieve a certain ideal.  A picture of Bruce Lee can help you become Bruce Lee, a picture of Buddha can help you become Buddha.  We are surrounded by pictures nearly everywhere we go and everywhere we look, pictures influence us, knowing this, we should choose wisely which pictures we continuously allow into our field of vision, as these pictures can unconsciously develop us into what we see.  

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  1. That is nicely put. Just because you have a tatoo on your back does not mean you create a 'God' out of it.


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