Saturday, September 6, 2014

Society and its Tricks

I was thinking about where I come from a long time now. It stays in my mind for a while so I am prepared to get it off now. The reason I am writing about this is because my cousin told me that when she was a kid she never see colors. She sees everybody as friends until society taught her distinctions. I feel the same way too although my story is a little bit different. When I came out of my mother's womb, I had no name, no religion, no sense of self...basically no ego. However, here is what gets to me the most. Nobody warns me about this messed world but I just get in there. All of a sudden, I am given a name. Catholicism is forced on me and I am forced to fucking go to school! What the hell is going on here? To think your parents would really care about your inner soul.. Oh here is where it gets funny. I was born in Brooklyn and I am shipped right back to freaking Haiti. My mind and body is moving all over the place now! Now people see me as Haitian American now. Holy shit! Poor fucking me, my dick was so small and already society is pressuring me to be a color that I am not labeled to be, talk like someone I am not, look like someone I am not. On top of that, the color I am labeled to be is being targeted all over the media. Ok so first of, you impose a color on me and now the ones who are labeled to be this way is being killed just because? Wow, that's fair. Thank you society, I command you!! Since I am 25 right now, I want to put my foot down and say no to certain things. I am not going to let TV tell me who I have to be, what I should strive towards and what religion should I be in. No! I got a big dick now, it is now the time that I start to express who I really am. Everybody who is against that, fuck off.

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