Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lesson from Laundry

Have you noticed when you are doing the laundry that you have to separate the clothes based on colors and when you dry you pretty much have to separate them too? I think I can relate to that. It makes me understand why separation between people can be effective. Now does it have to base on color? I don't think so. Let us take an example of us. If we think that just because we get together is going to solve the problems of humanity, you are wrong. It is not going to happen. I mean look at the police force for example. It used to be whitewashed but now there are minorities like the blacks, Asians, and even the Hispanics. Has it really stop the corruptions in the police department? Not one bit. We can create as much organizations as we can but if humanity is corrupted, the organization that humans are part will be also corrupted. Think about how the clothes are brought together. First they are wash with their own color then they are dry and now they could be united. Why? They have been cleaned up. Now I must remind human beings that inside of us is dirty. We need to wash ourselves and dry ourselves. That way we can become whole. How can we achieve that? Meditation is a good detergent for that. It washes us and dries us.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Ben. Are you still working on editing a new book. I do not think I can get enough of Sifu Freddie Lee's expression.

    2. Actually this Ben is not the same Ben that is the editor of Reflections. The editor of Reflections is Ben N, who has not been on this blog for awhile now.

    3. Thanks for clearing up the confusion Freddie. And Kang I empathise with you about Freddie's expression in his Reflections series. :)

  2. This is a great post, awesome analogy.


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