Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Work of a Master

"If I say something which is rational and you do it, that will not surrender you to me, that will not be the gesture.  If something is rational and you are convinced of its rationality and then you follow it, then you are following your reason, not me.  If something is rational and can be proved rationally, scientifically, and you follow it, you are not vulnerable to me, you are not available to me.  That will not be of any use; you will still be following your reason.  So each master down the ages has developed a few absurd things.  They are simply symbolic.  They simply show that yes, you are ready and you are not asking for the reason.  You are ready to go with this man, and if he has some eccentric ideas, that too you allow.  This loosens your head; it just makes you a little more open." - Osho

There are not many true Masters in this world but also there are not many true Disciples either.  People are following themselves, few will ever fully surrender to anyone.  Unless they are following someone that is dead and no longer existing, then they can follow because they are still essentially following themselves, they have still yet to surrender to anyone.

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