Saturday, September 6, 2014


"Look at the statue of Buddha sitting so silently in a certain yoga posture: if you go on looking at the statue, you will find something like that is happening within you too.  If you are in the company of ten persons who are sad and you are the eleventh person, how long can you remain happy?  Those ten persons will function like a yantra,  a yantra of sadness; you will fall into sadness sooner or later.  If you are unhappy and you are in company with people who are joking and laughing, how long can you remain sad?  Those laughing people will create laughter in you.  They will change your focus, they will change your gear; you will start moving in a different direction.  This happens every day - knowingly, unknowingly.  - Osho

Combat Sport and Martial Arts is not meant to be merged together, the individuals that are drawn into Combat Sport create negative Yantra.  Combat sport promotes ego and pride, Martial Art is the opposite of that, they do not mix well together.  They need to be separated.  In a clean home, certain things belong in the garbage can and need to be discarded.  In Martial Arts, many aspects of Combat Sport specifically in regards to the lack of mental and spiritual development within that field needs to be eliminated.  Some of the physical techniques may be useful and effective but the arrogance, competitiveness, and ambition need to be discarded.  As the creator of my own Way in the Martial Arts, it is up to me to intelligently decide what belongs and what does not belong within my expression of the Martial Arts to retain its purity free from the corruptions of Combat Sport.  The home of FMK must remain clean and free from the corruption of Combat Sport.  Like a home that is clean and properly maintained, you cannot allow the dirtiness of those from the outside to disrupt the inner harmony of your home.  A Martial Artist must never allow a Dirty Fighter to corrupt his pure expression of the Martial Arts.  

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  1. I see exactly what you mean. You do not have to absorb everything about combat sport. Some aspect of it needs to be eliminated otherwise you will just become dirty.


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