Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Master Cannot Be Your Friend

"When you accept a person as your friend, you mean you accept him as your equal - a friend is equal to you.  Yes, you are friends to me because I see that you are just equal to me, there is no difference.  But if you see me as an equal to you, then your growth will stop." - Osho

Friends cannot teach friends because they view one another as equals.  In order for true learning to occur, you must learn from a Master, not a friend.  But people with big egos cannot accept anyone as a Master, they want to turn everyone into friends, into equals.  When you accept everyone as equals, learning stops.  For the benefit of the disciple, the Master cannot encourage the disciple to view him as a friend, otherwise the the growth of the disciple will be stunted.  


  1. I agree with this. I cared very deeply Gorky sifu but considered him always my master and treated him with that respect. He demanded that respect. I never saw any students treat him otherwise. If you didn't have respect you didn't last long. There was still a deep bond though and for me exists to this day. He passed and I still miss him and pay my respects. Not enough people today have that kind of deep respect as they should toward their master. That is a great shame and great loss!


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