Sunday, September 28, 2014

Intelligent People Don't Need Leaders

"You need a leader because first you have to be made unintelligent; otherwise there would be no need for any leader.  Why should you follow anybody?  You will follow your intelligence.  If somebody wants to become a leader, then on thing has to be done: your intelligence has to be destroyed somehow.  You have to be shaken from your very roots, you have to be made afraid.  You have to be made unconfident in yourself, that is a must.  Only then can the leader come in." - Osho

"I am not a good leader because I teach people to lead themselves.  Find your own Way and follow it.  Don't depend on me, depend on yourself.  The truth is within you, you just need to realize it.  The society does not want you to lead yourself because they want to profit off of service.  They want everybody to depend on each other so that they can profit off of this dependance."  - Freddie Lee

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