Saturday, September 6, 2014

Life is a Dream

Saraha says, "Sir, I am awake.  The third consciousness has happened; to me, all is a dream - dream and all.  To me, all is dream: dream within dream within dream.  Now I don't make any distinction, I have gone beyond distinctions.  No-mind has arisen.  So whether people respect me or insult me, whether they think Saraha is a great brahmin, a great mystic, a great knower, or they think that he is a pervert, that he is mad, crazy, insane - it is perfectly okay."  

"This is true understanding.  Then nobody's opinion can distract you.  Then nothing can distract you - neither success nor failure, neither respect nor humiliation, neither life nor death.  This is what the state of no-distraction is.  One has come home."  - Osho

I feel that I am on this earth for a specific purpose, I am here for that purpose, and I will not allow anyone to distract me from that purpose.  I am not here just to generate profit, spend money, and then die.  No, I have a much greater purpose than that.  I wish to truthfully express the Martial Arts to my fullest extent before my death, to help the true seekers gain an understanding through my expression. It does not matter if the world loves me or hates me, I am here to fulfill my purpose.  

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  1. Thank you for sharing your art with the world. I have great respect for your expression.


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