Sunday, September 21, 2014

compliments & drunk living

Thinking about Freddie's conversation with Kang about receiving compliments or criticism and how a person should or should not accept these. I believe if you choose wise friends and people in your life than you can more easily accept what they might have to say. If you choose companions that are really not good people, or you don't respect them than of course you shouldn't accept their criticisms or compliments. I especially don't think you need to take advise or criticism from random people on the Internet. I have had 4 people in my whole life that I really looked up to and did seek council from. They never steered me wrong and helped me see the light. Now, I have also had people but into my business and try to tell me how to live. These people I ignored because I didn't see where they were great examples to follow. Second subject: I totally agree about drinking alcohol. It causes so many social and personal problems that the tiny health benefit it might give is not worth it. People act plane stupid on alcohol. When Ray Rice punched his girlfriend they both had been drinking. People act in ways they might never act if they weren't drinking. I am totally against it and feel this whole country and world would be better without it. But, of course we are in a free society where you can do what you want. But, people really need to realize that one really bad decision made while drunk can destroy your whole life! Just my two cents. I don't drink and don't recommend it!


  1. Great post, I truly understand it.

  2. I think these subjects are even more pertinent to younger people who might have stronger peer pressure coming their way. Thanks Lxeon.


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