Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Interview With Todai Ryan

Okay... So first of all, a big apology to all for being so wickedly long-winded. I'm used to lecturing for three hours at a time, so for me to spout and ramble for an hour is nothing. But this is close to two hours! Responding to the questions Sifu asked me to consider. It was a 'third time's a charm' scenario. Yesterday afternoon, I spoke to my camera for an hour, then realized it was never even recording. Last night, I experimented with a different way of presenting my ideas, but didn't like it. So this evening, I put it into what is to me a familiar kind of format, and went at it, trying to record at least a good number of the ideas I've had over the last couple days since these questions were suggested. My mind is still rolling, so maybe something else will come out in the next day or two as I continue to consider the matter, and probably for some time to come. But anyway, for those who dare part with their precious time long enough to bear this out, here is my interview, recorded in two parts...

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