Friday, August 24, 2012

Blue rider

Hey it's me Alex, just changed the profile name though... I had an interesting discovery few days ago, not so much concerning the martial arts directly but I wanted to share this with you...

I was never really interested in art... Especially in paintings. I thought it was stupid, and that ''real men'' do not do that. But by chance I got some information that made me think about it. I heard a story about a russian painter named Wassily Kandinsky and I got intrigued.
Actually the thing that got me thinking was one point in Kandinsky's life when he formed a group called the Blue rider. It was formed after one his paintings was rejected from an exhibition. He teamed up with other fellow artists who shared his views and they started expressing their spiritual beliefs through art. It wasn't a cult or anything, Blue rider group had the idea that together they can achieve much more than as individuals. As I read more about Kandinsky, he seems as a very wise and knowledgeable person, not just a simple painter.

Anyway, it think that something similar needs to be done in the martial arts a swell. In modern society martial arts became so corrupted, and only rare individuals practice the right way. But as individuals we cannot change anything, and as the time goes on many of our fellow martial artist lose faith, and some go on into exploitation called mma, k1 or whatever. But united around an idea... Now that's a different story. That's the main reason why I started posting on this blog. It is not much but it is something. It's a start. It sounds idealistic but isn't martial arts all about fighting for higher ideals? Think about it....


  1. Dear Alex, this same evolution has been observed in every art. Because Art is different from money related products, it needs an introduction to it. Therefore, the master/disciple relationship begins. But most of the time, politicians want to put their hand on artistic expression especially if it becomes a way towards inner freedom.

    The greatest danger for these small groups,that are made of indivudiaul on the same path, sharing ideas, is to become infiltrated by the rulers and turned into a meaningless substance. For FMK, as for every organization, it will be a threat as it is for every recognizable group. If it becomes succesfull in its aim, people will try to put it down or to make it look silly.

  2. Thank you for the post! I really liked it, keep on posting when you have the time!

  3. I try not to feel overwhelmed by the whole MMA thing, but it's frustrating at times. A colleague and I were discussing the possibility of starting a fitness centre at our college, something that is very needed in our community in general, but that would be very beneficial for our students. I mentioned that I might like to offer martial arts at some point in the future. Immediately, it was assumed that I was talking about MMA, and this idea got my colleague excited. It's very sad, what's going on in our world. I don't entirely blame the fighters. I know many of them are decent guys, and this cage fighting is just what they've encountered as the norm in what's available now for martial arts training. Even step into a book store and look at their martial arts section, seventy-five percent or more of the titles are going to have to do with MMA. Is this what people really want?? I don't think so. I think it is what's being sold to them, and as trained consumers they are overwhelmed. But really, I think at the core, most people today who get interested in martial arts start the journey with a curiosity about learning to do the amazing things with their bodies that they've witnessed in movies and such. They are attracted to that human potential and artistry. Then, when they search for it, they find primarily these schools of brute force, the MMA approach, which is not artistic at all, just violent... and that is what they settle for


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