Friday, August 3, 2012

Todai Ling FMK Week 2

So here it is !
I have made a few videos of today's workout, and I will probably make a new post every week (meaning 6-7 days of real training) to track my progress in training FMK.
I hope that I can present Shi Zu the CLF form in one week for him to consider if I can continue my progress or if important things must be corrected. For now, this is primarily meant for me to see how I progress through the program.

The first video is a new attempt with the CLF form :

I have included some weights that I have attached to my wrists. They weight 3 pounds.
I use it to work on my forms in order to balance lower/upper body workout. When you try to do your form with it, it mostly makes you look like a beginner, which is interesting.

The second video is my first attempt with the Kung Fu dance, popularized by Shi Zu

As I work on techniques after the cardio and strength workout (and a good party, you can tell by the way the eyes look ^^) the techniques don't really flow and you can hear a lot of breathing!

Then I made a TKD video :

It is very short, but I have tried to always look at my target and keep my hands up in a defense position (something I have to improve on)

The last video represents what I usually do to finish with techniques, which means going crazy and improvise with techniques. I try to visualize an opponent, or situation and let the technique flow.

Hope you will enjoy it. Please feel free to make any remark regarding technique, schedule ... I realize that I started a few weeks ago so there's a lot of things to improve.
For the next weeks I might had some variety, filming the stretches I go through, or jump rope, fitness, trampoline, sparring... lots of fun in perspective ;)
For now I will go to sleep (jet lag France/ USA) after finishing Osho's Freedom book.
I wish all of you a very pleasant day,

Todai Ling


  1. Cool videos, Ling. Is this location in France? I am very new to FMK, so probably not the one to be giving any tips... but my understanding of the hands in this initial arrow-stance of the CLF form is that the one hand is blocking the head from a strike coming from above, and if that's the case then you need to raise it up a bit more. The only other technique remark that came to mind while watching is that, when kicking high on the Bob, you might consider bringing your leg back down more quickly, as I'm sure you would if the Bob was an actual person who could potentially grab that leg

    I have to commend the kung-fu dance. That is completely awesome. If I find the right music that moves me, I may post a similar video myself. To me, this exercise makes all the sense in the world

    I'm interested in seeing the Vietnamese style you mentioned in your intro video. Do you think you will post a demonstration at some point?

    1. Thank you for providing that valuable feedback to Todai Ling, since you are so active on this blog, it helps a lot when you can provide feedback to Todai's based on the lessons that you have watched, this will help everyone progress at a much quicker rate when we all come together to help each other grow.

  2. Well thank you Ryan,
    I will focus on hand movement and watch Shi Zu's videos again.
    As for the kicks, you are abolutely right !
    I was missing the speed after the leg workout ^^
    It's funny that you mention vietnamese martial arts because I made some videos, but with the weights so it doesn't look good at all. I will post a few forms, both traditionnal (Vô) and modern (Vovinam Viet Vo Dao).
    Thanks again !

  3. Thank you for all the posts! I really look foward to watching the videos! I love how you are being so active on the blog. I think it is awesome having you represent FMK out of France!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Shi Zu, and for making this "virtual space" a place for creativity and expression.

  4. Yes Ling please do post them. I always enjoy seeing new Martial Arts. Hey Ryan could you possibly do a video on Aikido break falls to? The ones you did in one of your older videos looked great.

    Ling you dance looked very nice. I also admire your TKD video. I'm still not to good with the little bit of the FMK TKD inspired form. I am starting to enjoy it a bit more, kinda. Legs are a weak spot for me so I had to devlop a lot in that area before I advanced into that lvl were I can enjoy it.

    1. Hey Jia, thanks for your comment. Kicking techniques are definitly very hard to get, but I think it's worth it, because as we get older, the first thing to weaken is our legs. A master in Vietnam used to say "get lower now, walk on clouds for ever".
      What is interesting about JKD form is that it is the other side of the CLF. Only after building a strong base on the ground can you jump in the air. I am struggling with some kicks right now, so we are fighting together !

  5. You bet, Jia. There are three break falls I know. The third one you haven't seen from me yet. It's no hands, and requires a partner who is throwing. I'll try to recruit my wife for that one, she should enjoy throwing me around

  6. I have seen the videos you have posted. They all look great. The Kung Fu dance was nice, you have your own unique way of movement & expression, which is great. The CLF form, for all the bows, watch the instructional video over again, the 2nd part of the bow, where you bring your fist together with the knifehand, you are supposed to push the double fists to the center, not bring it around. When you are in the stances, & pushing the hands forward, you are supposed to slow it down to be in coordination with your breath, the deeper the breath the better, so the slower the hand movements the better. When you get into the arrow stance, raise that rear hand higher, that is supposed to be a block above the head. When you cross over to the 2nd crosss stance bring the right leg over, don’t step back into the horse stance & then cross over.

    For the 2 Bob videos, it looks very good, I can see your creativity shining, keep up the good work, I will hold of my feedback until those lessons are taught.

    1. Thank you very much Shi Zu, I will keep working on these points.

  7. Hey Ling,

    Awesome videos, thank you very much for sharing them with us all. I am in no position to offer any kind of constructive criticism or advice I am afraid but I can offer thanks and encouragement so... good job and keep up the great work!

    Particularly great to hear The Prodigy during the 'Finishing a Workout' video. I am not sure how much your Bob appreciates being called a bi*ch though! ;)

    Thanks again for sharing your progress with us, it looks very impressive to me.

    All the best and keep on grinning,


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