Saturday, August 25, 2012

Getting Stronger

It was another full day visiting and touring with my parents. Before we headed out this morning, I practiced as usual in our local park, and toward the end stopped by the playground to run through some of the exercises I've been working on there. Definitely making some progress. Today I was able to do three clean pull-overs as compared to just one last week. I can now do twenty dips, rather than the fourteen of a month ago. Same thing with inverted sit-ups, sixteen up from ten. With regular pull-ups, I'm doing about fourteen to sixteen on average. Wish I could still knock out the thirty-two straight I used to do, but I'll get there again. Meantime, I've started doing some of my pull-ups with simultaneous L-raised legs, which I find to be much more difficult, cutting my abilities exactly in half. Still, I bet if I'd tried to do these a month ago, I'd have maybe only been able to get two or three accomplished before my legs fell. Moral of this story... the playground is an excellent place to build strength. It seems to be working for me, anyway


  1. Great Job! Keep up the good work! I know it's not easy doing all those things being taller. And you are setting a very high standard for those who are in your age group, I'm very glad to have you represent FMK


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