Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shunyuan: Spiritual Discussion


  1. A very interesting video. I started watching it as a way to find connection with an old friend, but the discussion that developed very interesting. First off, I have to confess that I currently am not in shape- I have no regular work out routine, I do not currently study any form of martial arts, that my spiritual devotion is immature at best. I have studied some martial arts before- akido and shotokan karate in college for ~2 years and found it profoundly rewarding, on many levels. For the past few months, I have been searching for the "right" martial arts school for me to seek to join again. For me, martial arts isn't about combat, or fighting or even defense. To me, it's more a means of expression, of control- control of my mind, my focus, control over my body and my actions, control over my energies both those internal and those externally projected. As such, I see a huge factor of the spiritual side to the meaning of martial arts, which is what makes it difficult to find a school or a sifu that would fit with that. But I have to say that on the rigid structure vs self expression/direction conversation, although I want a truly personal connection and experience to martial arts, I realize that to begin that journey I need direction and rigidity. It would make me focus my thoughts to a single task or lesson before I was able to move on. Watching the internet video's is almost the purest form of self expression: I can see what you are teaching, what you want to convey, but it's up to me, to my interpretation of that information, to learn from or to not learn from. I could spend 8 months training every day with the video's and the end result would be nothing compared to had I trained with you personally. I think that as you progress and learn control, you then reach a point where the road on leads to release of that control and that is where self expression comes in. And maybe that is a point where the true learning begins- not so much the physical side of martial arts but the spiritual or personal side.

    Much love and respect to you. I wish I was in your part of the country to be able to learn from you both.


  2. Colin,
    I greatly appreciate your comments. Your internal kung fu is extremely strong. You have a clear and positive focus. This world needs more people who are on the "good side". I feel being on the good side, is experiencing the kinship of humankind which results in an internal motivation to serve humankind. This is something that takes a deeper control than coordination and fitness level. However, In order to act divinely one must think divinely, and in order to do that, one must feel divine. Universal health stems from the holistic health of each individual, body, mind, and Spirit.
    I wish you well in your path Colin, I have been thinking of you and I know you are well protected and guided in your difficult but momentary time of challenge and growth.
    your friend

  3. Later tonight I will post a video expressing some of my thoughts regarding the dilemma of favoring structure vs creativity. I have some other thoughts on sparring and competition that I may get to later


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