Thursday, August 16, 2012

Confessions of a mma fighter

Hello everyone,
                       my name is Alex and I come from Serbia, a small country in Europe. English is not my first language so I apologize for my grammar mistakes. Firstly I would like to thank sifu Lee for this opportunity to express my stance on martial arts. I've been watching his FMK videos for a while now and decided to send him an email to encourage his good work. Recently I've received an invitation from sifu Lee to contribute to this blog, so I grabbed this chance. My belief is that people who practice and encourage real martial arts should unite in some way and this blog is a great thing to do so.

I started doing martial arts in a mma gym. At first, it was unbelievable. The techniques, strength I gained, confidence... It was mind blowing. Especially because I grew up without a father and this gave me the necessary discipline and toughness that I was deprived of. As the time went on, I started noticing things.
I don't want to sound arrogant or anything but I was pretty good, so the pressure came for me to start fighting as a professional. I never really wanted that. My goal was, and still is, to train and improve just because I enjoy it. Nothing more , nothing less. Because I was young and pretty impressionable, I accepted the idea but always postponed it, I'm still at law school so the exams were my usual excuse. Guess on the subconscious level I never wanted to fight so college came as a good shield for me. I fought at amateur level and that was enough for me. As I said, then I started noticing things...

MMA is advertised throughout the world as a next step in the evolution in the martial arts. And that two blockheads that are bashing their heads in the cage are the new samurai or spartan warriors. The fact is mma is all about destruction. There is no soul, no philosophy behind it, no humanity whatsoever. If you look back, the first UFC was just a marketing ploy of the Gracie family to promote their art. Later it was bought by the Zuffa, company owned by italian-american businessmen from Las Vegas. Now they are expanding as huge corporation, promoting violence all around the world. And they are getting bigger everyday...

As far as my experience goes, I began to realize what was going on. Only the aggressive ones, the violent ones, men that have destructive intentions ''improve'', and go on to fight as circus freaks. I hated that. Being a mma fighter makes you nothing more than a gladiator, fighting and hurting another human being only to please a roaring crowd. Gladiators, if you recall, were slaves. Men forced to participate in bloody festivals, deprived of their freedom. And modern sport fighters are just that... Slaves, but they just think they're free...
Expansion of mma is a part of agenda to manipulate the masses, same as ancient Romans did. I didn't want to be part of that. I quit...
Then I started going from gym to gym trying to find a teacher that will help me on my martial way. But with no results. I thought that I was crazy, like that my way of martial arts is wrong and all the others were right with their perversion of martial arts.
One day I saw a documentary about Radomir Kovacevic, my countrymen, on youtube. It was so inspired that I planned to go to US so I could train with him.
Sadly, Radomir had died few years prior, and yet again I felt alone and depression started taking over me.
Then I saw FMK videos. At first, coming from mma background, I was a bit skeptic. But as the time went by I soon came to a conclusion that sifu Lee and I share the same views on martial arts. Now his videos serve as an inspiration for me on my martial arts journey. I train alone now. No teacher, just me going to martial art schools absorbing as much knowledge as I can.

So here I am... Sharing my thoughts, views philosophy... Just expressing myself.
I hope that we will find a way for the true martial artists spread across the globe to unite. And together we could better ourselves, each other, and make our own contribution in making the world a better place.
This blog is a good place to start. Thank you sifu Lee for this chance.
Check out documentary about Radomir Kovacevic, it's a must see...


  1. Welcome to the Kwoon, Alex. I enjoyed reading your story and completely agree regarding the profiteering and corruption of martial arts represented by MMA. Where I live, in Alberta, Canada, the UFC rouses a lot of excitement. People host big parties of watchers, and the bars advertise if they are going to show it. A lot of otherwise very sensible people follow these competitions very closely, and kids idolize the fighters. It's pretty disheartening to witness what this is doing to the consciousness of the masses. I'm all aboard for trying to unite martial artists with a different perspective, a think-tank of sorts to attempt to popularize something far healthier

  2. Thank you so much for leaving this post to share more about yourself, I am very glad that you have decided to get involved with this blog, I hope to hear more from you.

  3. I am Todai Kang and I am pleased to welcome you into the FMK family. You will not regret your choice. Me, you, and Sifu Freddie Lee share the same views in the martial arts. I kind of knew how they were corrupting the martial arts but you show me things that I was not aware of which really expose the MMA's corruption of the martial arts even more. Thank you so much for doing that.

  4. You Sir are a Wise Man. May your Law practice Sky-rocket to success.


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