Friday, August 10, 2012

CLF And Walking Stick In Snake Coulee

It was another full day of training for me – dawn at the park, five hours at the river, afternoon siesta and evening at the dojo. The place I went to on the river is my winter study grounds. I call it Pitsiiksiinaikawaahko (Snake Coulee), because there is an abundance of rattlesnakes along this stretch. It’s a relocation site for those snakes who wander into residential areas, and I am one of three volunteers who are called upon to capture them and bring them out there. I was hoping to show you guys one of the snakes, but unfortunately I didn’t come across any today. It was too hot, even for the rattlers! Perhaps soon I’ll have an auspicious opportunity to express more on my views regarding community/ societal service, and my work with the snakes being part of this

I did have a lot of fun today in the coulee though, gathering food and medicine plants, rucking my usual seventy pounds the whole while, and training both in CLF and with a walking-stick. The video is long, just over an hour. I completely understand that most won’t bother watching, given this length. I have posted it anyway. The first half is completely about the plants of the day, including a couple that you should have available just about anywhere in the northern hemisphere. The second half of the video (starting at about 34 minutes in) is entirely martial arts. You will see that, by the time I get to the CLF stuff, three hours into my hike, and after swimming against the river current for a bit, my legs are pretty shaky. I try to put a low side kick out to hold, and almost completely crumble. This unbalance irritates me, so I move to the forest and find a fallen tree, about five feet off the ground, to practice on so that I have to stay balanced, whether my legs want me to or not. The tree turned out to be a very good idea, and I will definitely be returning there. Enjoy your training!


  1. I have not got all the way thru yet But I will. I liked this area your in it reminds me a lot of where I live in Oklahoma. Are these videos being made for a different group? If so would I please get involved with you there as well?

  2. I teach a Blackfoot Traditional Foods course year-round, and I'm starting to make videos so I can put it online for distance learners


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