Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Re: Dragon Tattoo Video


"Can I ask you where you got your tattoo done? Was it done by a traditional tattoo artist that used ancient techniques to create it or was it done at a regular tattoo shop? Also, why did you decide to have 4 kids? Also, are you children names significant? How did you decide what to name them?

What type of business was your business the coon?"


I got my tattoo done at "George Papas Tattoo"
Visit the website to find out more information about George Papas, the owner of the shop who did my tattoo. 

I wanted 4 kids so that each child would know how it felt to have one brother & one sister, I wanted 2 girls & 2 boys, but we ended up getting 3 boys & one girl, & now another boy!

The names are:
Brandon Zen Lee
Jet Zen Lee
Angelina Tao Lee
Keo Zen Lee

The middle names hold tremendous significance in meaning.  The first names were chosen b/c we liked them. Brandon, was chosen as a connection to Bruce, Jet was chosen as a connection to "Jet Li".  Angelina was chosen b/c I liked the way it sounded, with "Angelina Jolie" in mind.  Keo was chosen b/c Jenny had a friend with that name & she liked it, I like it b/c it is unique & different.  The 5th child will be "Ken Zen Lee". 

The Kwoon is the "Martial Arts school."  The business is in Personal Training & Self-Defense.  The family aspect of the kwoon is "Zen Martial Arts." 


  1. Thanks for the fast reply, I thought you opened the martial arts school after you left law enforcement.

    1. Yes, that is correct. The Freddie's Modern Kung Fu martial arts school was opened few years after he was wrongfully terminated from his previous job.

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  3. beautiful pic u have a wonderful family sifu


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