Monday, August 6, 2012

How I Breakfall

Promised Jia the other day that I would make a how-to video going over the breakfalls I was practicing in one of my earlier training sessions. So after this morning's workout, I put one together. It was fairly windy, so the sound has to be turned up a bit to hear me well. But in any case, I go over the basic forward and backward breakfalls as I know them. There are also more elaborate variations of these falls that I can perform, and that come into play when you're training locks and throws with a partner. This is especially the case with the forward roll, where you need to learn how to go without your lead hand (which may be locked), or sometimes also to go with no hands at all if both are locked. I recently demonstrated a no-hands forward breakfall at our karate dojo on hardwood floors to no painful effect, and that comes from repeated practice of the falls I'm showing in this video presently. If I can get my wife trained in delivering some of the classic throws, I'll put another video up showing those other falls in the future. Anyway, hope it helps...


  1. Thank you so much for this Rayn I'm going to start working on it today. You Sir ROCK!

    1. Not a problem... just happy to be able to contribute

  2. My good friend and training Buddy is coming over tomorrow so we are going to shot some videos of our partner work outs. He is going to be representing his Kwoon so there will a guess were he is from contest. Winner gets cool points!(no reading his gee)


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