Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Power Twister Attempt & B-Day Pictures

Hello Everyone!

If you've been keeping with YouTube lately, Sifu's been having all the guys do videos on their reps of the power twister. I must say...not as easy as it looks! Todai Ling and I were bored the other day and decided to visit the family; while playing with the kids as you can see in the background, we attempted the challenge our selves. I knew it was hard, but was still surprised at the ability I had to bend the power twister, even if was for a second. haha Weeks before then I remember not being able to bend it all!, but that being my weakness is my upper body strength. Regardless, it's still progress and and we're excited to one day finally do it!

Thanks for watching!

Also, thought I'd share a few pictures from last weekend. Sifu's older son Brandon and I have the same birthday August 24, and Shi Lao was so kind as to surprise us with a mango cake from her restaurant after training! Enjoy!

Sidai Wei, Todai Ai, Todai Ling (who recently just joined 'yay!,' and one of my closest friends since the 3rd grade!)

 Mango cake from "Jenny's Gourmet Restaurant"

 Blowing out the candles with all the kids (From Left to Right: Jet, Angelina, Todai Ai, Brandon, Keo)

-Todai Ai


  1. Thank you for posting Todai Ai! It's great to see you active on this blog!

    1. Even though I'm not into blogging, it helps to have the videos/pictures to write.
      And opps. =/ we realized there's already a Todai Ling.

    2. Yeah, I should have remembered. But I have chosen "Kiew" for Krystal. It starts with K & the meaning fits her well.

  2. What a nice and sweet summary about your recent adventures with the Freddie's Modern Kung Fu family. Thanks to you and the other FMK members for making the time to spend with us, it has been really memorable and the kids always had fun with all of you!

    We love you all!!!

    1. Just let me know if you ever get tired of seeing me! haha

      We love you too, and can't wait to see you all Saturday!


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