Friday, August 17, 2012

Question On Goals

Sifu, I listened to your response/ dialog video entitled ‘Imitation' last night. I thought I would just write a brief note here in the blog, something that can be quickly read to let you know that I wholeheartedly agree with many of the points you've raised, including especially the importance of being rather than following, and your reluctance to push knowledge on people who have not requested it. 

After listening carefully, it seems to me that the kwoon is currently functioning in at least two key services... First, as you conclude in your video, it is providing some todai with an introduction to martial arts, starting them on the path. Secondarily, as in your university analogy, it is drawing together people who share certain positive energies, some of whom may have been exploring the path for a while now, and who can potentially benefit in mutual ways from engaging with one another in this environment.

Although these two services are not in any drastic sense exclusive, I believe they could in some manner be synergized to greater benefit to both society and the kwoon (including of course its business aspect). This untapped potentiality, at least in my mind at the moment, seems to reside in the geographic distribution of the todai. There will be more and more todai joining from different locations around the globe, and often training (like myself) in isolation. If these people can be groomed as both artists/ creators in their own rights, and yet to a standard of body-mind-spirit development appropriate to represent this kwoon, why not take advantage of our geographic distribution to reach far more people? I offer one example of how this might be done in my video, on the last slide. But I'm sure it could be done in many other ways as well. That's my main feedback.

Now... I want to ask you a question, on a totally different topic. Yesterday, I began setting some goals for the winter to come. Today, my inner voice started asking me, "Why are you setting goals? Why do you need them? Why don't you just train every day in what you want to do that day, and quit trying to box yourself in? You know that scheduling is not the way... Stick to response"

What are your thoughts on shouldering such projects? At what point to goals define your limitations?


  1. Ryan,
    Thank you for the feedback, it is very much appreciated, typed responses work better for me, as I can quickly read & respond, videos, unfortunately I cannot watch many videos b/c of my commitments to work & family. This kwoon has much time to grow & expand & as time progresses we can all work closely together to formulate ideas on how to get more people involved in which to create a greater positive energy field. Although I am not training with you directly, I feel your drive & motivation to express something positive in the martial arts & we are very thnakful to have you on board at FMK. The time you find to train, load videos, watch videos, respond to posts, etc. really shows your passion in what you do. As time goes by, as Todai's start expressing honestly, FMK will tap into the mainstream & become noticed as a healthy alternative in the Martial Arts.

    As far as goal setting is involved, I advise to simply continue to train in joy as you have been, there is no need to set goals, as long as you are enjoying the moment of training in awareness that is what matters.

  2. Sifu Freddie Lee has Defined the goal as you having done them as they are; so, It Is.

  3. Sifu Freddie Lee has Defined the goal as you having done them as they are; so, It Is.


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