Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Crowd

Why is it that so many people abandon their intelligence, their sensitivity, their responsibility and their individuality when they become part of a group?  Must the rebellious spirit always be alone?

"The crowd never wants anybody to be unique--it hurts the crowd mind.  The unique person is a humiliation because it reminds people of what they are and what they could have been.  The presence of the unique person makes them aware of what they have missed--and they have missed their whole life.  They cannot forgive the unique person, although he has done no harm to them.  He has always done great service to humanity: he has brought more beauty to existence, more poetry to life, has created more songs in the soul--he is the very salt of the earth." - Osho

A Real Martial Artist is a unique person, he is never a part of the crowd.  A Martial Artist cannot be created within a group, a Martial Artist is an individual that cannot be replicated.  Ranks cannot represent a Martial Artist because ranks are an attempt to standardize, a Martial Artist cannot be standardized, he can never be replicated or replaced.  No rank can ever symbolize a Martial Artist's unique expression.


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