Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What do you think of this guy?

What do you guys think of this guys philosophies and what he has to say in this video?


I haven't seen much from this guys channel 'Shaolin  Center', but from what I have seen I think he's not bad. He promotes a peaceful, healthy and positive expression of Martial Art but he is also a traditionalist from what I can make out. I don't think he has yet realised that the true way is no way but one's own individual expression of Martial Art. And thus he labels his channel Shaolin Center and not something like Jake Mace's Martial Art. But at least he promotes a healthy development in the Martial Arts and not combat sport. Maybe in time he will change the name of his channel to something more authentic to himself, because the truth is always found within. He just hasn't realised it yet.


  1. I have seen some videos of him. He is highly athletic and seem like a good guy. I do not know why he choose the label Shaolin but other than that I think he is fine.

  2. Once you create a business name, you cannot really change it anymore. Kind of like your name, once you are born, a name is given to you and you are known by that name, it will take a lot of work to change that name and build a new reputation. Business names are no different. If you create a business name, you would literally have to shut that business down in order to create a new name. Like Bally's Total Fitness shutting down and then now there is LA Fitness. Before you have come to realization, you may develop a business name that is not necessarily the best indicator of the way and then later you may realize that you could have created a better label but by that time it is already too late. It is like having a book that has already been published and then realizing that there are some mistakes that need to be fixed, well it's already too late, the book has been published.


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