Thursday, July 3, 2014


"Gautam Buddha may have known the truth, but there is no way to follow him, because to follow means to imitate, to follow means to become a shadow, to follow means to betray yourself.  Following is nothing but the effort of trying to be somebody that you are not; and that is not your destiny."  - Osho

That is the main reason why I cannot teach the Martial Arts in the traditional way, that is why my expression of the Martial Arts will never be a franchise.  I cannot teach people to follow and encourage my students to enslave themselves and destroy their inner spirit.  They need to discover their inner spirit and express it.  Everybody is unique in themselves, everybody is already perfect, they have just yet to realize it.  I am here to help them realize their inner perfection, to not become a member of any group, but to simply be authentically themselves while we train together in meditation.


  1. So True!. The truth is always found within ourselves.


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