Thursday, July 10, 2014

Left Hand and Creativity

This is my first time posting my handwriting on the blog. I have been meaning to do this for a while now, and there it is. I write letters in the left column with my right hand, and I rewrite the letters repetitively with my left hand. Now if you can read the letters correctly, you will see that my left handwriting is very sloppy. This is because I did not develop it well enough. Since I was a child, my parents would condition me to only write with my right hand; as a result, it limits me to only be one sided when it comes to writing. As I am growing older, I am learning to appreciate my whole body more. That is one of the reasons why I write with my left hand. Second, your left hand and the right hemisphere of your brain is connected. The right hemisphere is the creative, critical thinking side of you. Denying is the greatest sin ever committed! Thirdly, my objective as a human being is to be as real as I can. How can I be real with just one side?? That is nonsense. I am 25 now and I should better than that. Now some people might ask: how can that help you if you are practicing Martial Arts? Well, one should understand that Martial Art is the expression of your soul made visible. The soul cannot be expressed without a body well taken care of, strong, flexible, you name it. To also express your soul means to also being able to write comfortably with both of your hands. Martial Arts does not always involve fighting. You fight somebody only if you have to, not because your ego want you to. Self-expression only occurs when one masters his or her ego. Otherwise, you live one big lie. You know... I do not want to live that way. I do not want a wasted youth. I want to dedicate my life to be as authentic as I can. Writing with the left should do it.


  1. Fantastic Blog!. I completely agree. A large reason why I started Martial Arts was because I wanted to have the ability to move my body without limitation.

    1. Very good reason to train in the Martial Arts. We see eye to eye.

  2. Nice Kang it's good to see you using your left hand. I Just like to say that back then when people were forced to write with their right hand, the people back then that forces it didn't want the people to write with their left hand, why? Because there is a secret or some truth to it. So by getting people to write with their right hand, they are being controlled and conditioned to be a certain way. And the way they want the people to be is very... (how do I say this?) Yang, linear, straight forward (so energy is focused), concentrated with narrow vision, logically thinking (or just think rather than feel), and seeing only a part of a whole, basically just be limited. that's why you see a lot of yang stuff going on like

    Right brain hemisphere is where you access your intuition , therefore it is your inner wisdom that comes from within. It is also the yin side, it is circular or curvy (so energy is random) and is very like opened or broad (compare to that narrow vision thing that I said about writing with your right hand, therefore using your left brain) so it is seeing the whole picture rather than seeing parts like with the left brain , and its all to do with feeling and experiencing . And by experiencing it leads to realization of truth, rather than just thinking logically about what truth is.

    Essentially you want to synchronized both brain hemispheres so you can become the ultimate being of yourself. because right here on this planet we as humans are mainly left brained, so there is that yang energy imbalance that dominants the yin energy (or right brain). And if you think about this world that we live in, there is a lot of crisis- e.g economical, political, financial, religious and environmental (global warming), which is the result of having that left brained (yang energy) dominance. So a balance between left and right brain (yin and yang energy) would be the ultimate solution, in my opinion which can be achieved by meditation. And for all you students at school/college, the way to do well (or better) at school/college is by having that balance .

  3. And I forgot to mentioned that sometimes when I'm bored in class when it comes to writing notes or do the exercise in the workbook or text book, I tend to write with my less dominant hand which is my left hand, so I can achieved that balance. If only i can upload a picture with my left hand handwriting that was in my chemistry note book along with this post/comment I can show you.


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