Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No Thoughts At All (AND No More Blogs After This Until Exams Are Over)

I have not been posting in a long time that is because I had  nothing expressed my thoughts on, in respect to this awesome blog site and also my studies and work. Having nothing in mind at all is good, because then I do not have that annoying inner voice that chatters during activities that requires full focus and concentration like doing work and studying. Before I always have something in my mind that chatters about certain things like martial arts and just life in general. When ever I have this chattery I would think about this over and over again remembering even single detail until I go on my laptop and start writing a blog, which I eliminate/ let go of this thought that chatters in my mind, so I can be in peace by having a silence mind. And also by letting those thoughts go I can concentrate on my studies and work.

So I learnt that a way to clear your mind is by documenting or printing (expressing) the thoughts out, by journaling/writing, speaking, typing etc. This a a form of meditation as you are in the moment or letting go or clearing your mind by expressing. This can be any type of emotional thoughts such as anger, fear, anxiety, content, happy (in a zealous way), etc. For Negative thoughts I do not really document it, I let it go by sitting zen meditation, fitness meditation (i.e. martial arts) or by visualization meditation. Thoughts that are positive can be annoying sometimes, so I would document those. Having no mind is essential  for living in happiness, joy and abundance.

This  was on my mind when I was studying, but now I just eliminate this writing by blogging this out. Now I can continue to study with no mindful distraction.

I won't be on this blog for a long time again as I will be busy for the rest of this year, because this term (which is 10 weeks) I will be studying and doing my exams (mock/practice in of year exams). This term is where I will be doing a lot of study, so it is the busiest. And the next term which is only 2/3 weeks. So after the 2/3 weeks, I will be having my real end of year exams. Now I'm just going to concentrate on studying as this year is going to be my last year of high school, and I want to make the most of it. I also reduce my training on the amount of days that I will be training per week.  Recently I've been slacking off my studies, and instead of studying I would  write blogs (which I will express my thoughts that is in my head) or make videos, sometimes 1 or 2am. I have to do well in this exam because it will determine my career path to where I will be heading later on. Personally I don't like school/studying and don't really give a dam about my career because I'm stressing out  but the society we live in, forces us to, to live that way, and I'm just going a long with it (playing society's game) otherwise I won't survive. I just want to live freely and embark on a spiritual journey like one of Freddie's old student. So I'm just letting you all know what's happening with me and how I feel about it. I doubt that I will have any thoughts that chatters in my mind from now on because I will be fully focused on my studies which no external thoughts/ mindful distraction cannot distract me. If that does happens then I will do a quick visualization meditation. (I would write a blog to clear it out but the problem is that it takes a lot of time, therefore i don't get my studies done, like what's happening now as I'm thinking and writing this out for almost two hours already)

Maybe after my exams and when I feel contented I will write a blog again.


  1. It's always good to see you active on here. Man I'm so glad that I don't ever have to force myself to study again! I get to study what I am truly interested in studying at my own pace, it's beautiful.


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