Monday, July 7, 2014

Life Fire

"It is through sex energy that life is born.  Life is fire, it is a function of fire; without fire life cannot exist.  Without the sun there will be no trees, no men, no birds, no animals.  It is transformed fire that become life." - Osho

This gets me to think about the Martial Arts.  A Fighter is like Fire that has gone out of control.  Life is fire, the desire to fight is a big part of what draws an individual towards the Martial Arts.  But if this will to fight is not properly transformed the person will be handicapped and crippled, he will become a Fighter and not a Martial Artist.  Although life is fire, playing with fire is very dangerous.  You can easily get burned, you can end up in the hospital with life long injuries, you can end up dead.

Playing with the sex energy is very dangerous as well.  You can break the hearts of many women, you can pass along serious diseases that can even cause death, you can create many unwanted children that grow up without love and support.  Fire is within all of us but it must be properly transformed in order to bring beauty upon this world.  Like a lighten candle that brings light into darkness.

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