Monday, July 7, 2014

A Dead Master

"That's why when a master is dead he finds more disciples than while he is alive.  With a dead master, disciples are completely at ease; with a living master, they are in difficulty.  Buddha never had as many disciples as he has now,  after twenty-five centuries.  Jesus had only twelve disciples; now, half of the earth.  Just see the impact of the absent master: now Jesus is in your hands, you can do whatsoever you want to do with him.  He is no longer alive, he cannot destroy your dreams and imaginations.  If the so-called Christians had seen the real Jesus, their hearts would stop fluttering immediately.  Why? - because they would not believe.  They have imagined things, and Jesus is a real man.  You could have found him in a pub, drinking with friends and gossiping.  Now, this doesn't look like the "only begotten son of God."  It looks very ordinary: maybe he is just the carpenter Joseph's son.  But once Jesus is gone, he cannot interfere with your imagination.  Then you can picture and paint and create images of him as you like." - Osho

We never seem to appreciate people while they are living.  And then when they pass away we end up worshipping them.  Why do we do this?  We create an imaginary fantasy figure within your minds of which we idolize, worship, and follow.  There are living Masters out there but they are ordinary people doing ordinary things and they are very hard to recognize but they are out there.  There are living Jesus's, living Bruce Lee's, and living Buddha's all around us but we are so focused on the fantasy that we fail to recognize this.


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