Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Martial Experience

Hallo everyone
I'd like to shear my first and hopefully only ever martial experience. It happened 2 years ago (2012) at my school bus stop. My bus stop is located at the bottom of a hill, and at the top of the hill is the Anglican church. I was waiting at the bottom of the hill after school for my Mum to pick me up. She was running late.

Some boys who looked a bit older than me at the time that were from the local government school turned up at the top of the hill and saw me minding my own business at the bottom of the hill. I then saw a stone fly past my head. I thought that was a bit weird. Then another stone flew past my head. I then thought to myself "shorly there're not throwing stones at me. After all, we've never met!". Then a third stone flew past my head. It was at that point I thought to myself "right, yeah; these guys are lunatics throwing stones at my head!". I thought it would be unwise to engage in combat as they occupied the high ground, were using stones as projectile weapons and someone most likely would have been hurt.

I was feeling scared but if they tried to cause me harm from a kicking or punching range, I would not have hesitated to defend my self. However as they were keeping their distance from me, I decided to walk away after the third rock flew past my head. As I was walking down the street a few more stones flew past my head, but thankfully no stones collided with my head that day.

I went to bed that night without a single bruise. I suppose I put the art of fighting without fighting into practice.

Thank You for reading my blog. What do you guys think of my unpleasant experience?


  1. Interesting blog I enjoyed reading it. If that was me I would of done the same thing.

  2. It's a good thing you didn't get hurt

  3. That is crazy, it was definitely a good decision to walk away, they had you outnumbered anyways.

  4. Good for you men and I like this blog


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