Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Osho on Conversion

"Making an effort to convert somebody to your ideology is a trespass to that individual's consciousness.  Unless he invites you, it is aggression." - Osho

I cannot teach people to be Martial Artists, they must come upon that discovery on their own.  I can teach people the science of combat and fitness development but I cannot teach people the Way.  They must grasp that understanding on their own.  I can share my personal experiences to those who are interested in listening, but I cannot provide the experience.  The truth must be discovered within.


  1. Wise words of Osho. Aggression is found a lot especially in families. In religion such as Christianity, the practitioners of that religion is very aggressive and they do not even realize that. You know they always talk about terrorism but making an effort to convert someone is another way of terrorizing because fear is used to convert people.


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