Friday, July 4, 2014

Courage over fear

We never know when we'll die. We don't know when we'll suffer. That's the beauty of being a mortal. Living day by day with courage over fear. It is normal to sense fear, it is instinct. Fear is our alarm, but it's an alarm that can play against us but it can help us depending of the situation that we're facing. To know courage is to know fear, to know great courage is to know great fear. It is up to us to decide in which way we'll progress. We can walk the path of courage and control that fear and use it the right way and we can lose ourselves in fear and act in confusion.

Courage have different degrees in life. Step by step, situation by situation we build that courage and learn about fear and stressful situation, we learn how to make wise decision while facing adversity. It is not a race of who will acquire the most courage or who will have the deepest knowledge of fear. But we definitly need courage to progress in life. Courage over fear.


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