Friday, July 18, 2014

Beyond Bruce Lee

This blog is a response to a FMK video that I just watched. Sifu Freddie Lee stated that he is beyond Bruce Lee, and he made some good ass points! Bruce Lee appeared to be way ahead of his time because he was fit, intelligent, and wise. However, there are people that are even wiser than Bruce Lee such as Osho, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Buddha, name it. He was super fast but when we talk about the 100 m dash, Usain Bolt is the best right now and I am 100% sure that Bruce Lee could not do that. In Enter the Dragon, at the time I used to worship him, I used to believe he could really do the back flip, but as I look the movie up I realize that he had a stunt double doing that for him. The clothes Bruce Lee used to wear to work out was not as high quality as right now. What the FMK wears is at a higher quality than his. Now I cannot exactly say that Freddie Lee is beyond Bruce Lee but Freddie Lee worked hard most of his life and aim to become a wiser individual everyday. So if he feels that he went beyond Bruce Lee, then he has all the right to say that. We can all go beyond Bruce Lee. All we have to really do is to stop being stuck on how good he was in the past and start developing ourselves Body, Mind, and Spirit. We need to start being ourselves and stop watching TV, stop listening to the radio and start our own journey. To excel at a sport, we need to play the sport ourselves and start having fun playing it. Stop watching the sport so much and start practicing it. I am not talking about combat sport here because I do not believe in combat sport. I believe in sport that does not encourage fighting one another. Just play the sport and practice it almost every day. Everything the professional sport players can do on TV, we can do them too! They are human beings; they are not God. We need to stop idolizing and start being ourselves. That is the whole message even Bruce Lee wanted to share to the world. Do not just duplicate someone successful. Be yourself. That is the only way to be a complete human being.


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    1. Thanks. Nice side kick hold by the way.

  2. Too much credit has been given to Bruce Lee, more credit needs to be equally distributed. We need to recognize the talents that are all around us, we have living Bruce Lee's everywhere! Basically we have living Buddhas all around us, we need to stop worshipping the dead buddhas and start focusing on this present moment that is living.

    1. I could not agree more. People need to realize that whatever Bruce Lee can do, they can do it with inner discipline and self-confidence. You cannot go beyond his level just by doing nothing and repeat countless times how awesome he was. Focus on your development.


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