Monday, July 7, 2014

Pornography vs. Real Women

"If you watch the pathology of man, you will be amazed: people have such ideas that you cannot believe what is happening.  Some man cannot make love to his woman unless he looks at pornography first.  The real seems to be less real than the unreal; he becomes excited only through the unreal.  Have you not seen it again and again in your own life - that the real seems to be less exciting than the unreal?" - Osho

I see that is what is going on.  We live in a very fake world.  Fake breasts are preferred over real breasts.  Plastic surgery is used to cover up old age.  People are afraid to be old, they are holding on dearly to youth, they are very afraid of death.  People are mesmerized by the dead Bruce Lee images and they give the living Bruce Lee's no recognition.  People would rather watch pornography than have real sex.  They are more attracted to cartoon figures than they are to real human beings.

Everywhere people go, they are more focused on their telephones than they are in their actual surroundings.  People value FaceBook posts more than they do real conversations.  People prefer Fake Martial Artists over Real Martial Artists.  People are more excited to watch fantasy hero movies than they are in engaging in reality.  We are falling in love with a fantasy and we have lost our appreciation for reality.


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