Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Lazy Routine

FMK I really need help with my life. This routine i've been going through has kept me from balancing body, mind & spirit. I really want to "live the way" but cant because im so used to doing this lazy routine everyday I get up. When I try to train, my body just says no, like it does not have the will to do anything that will enhance my health. I guess its because i've never really trained or pushed myself in my  life. Please I would greatly appreciate any advice that would get me motivated, any tips ANYTHING! So that I grow out of this routine once & for all!


  1. Pick a reason why you want to train and focus all your attention on it. The more you train you'll notice your improvements which will make that training so much more enjoyable

  2. If you can afford to hire a personal trainer that could help. If you cannot push yourself and there is no one of authority around you to help push you like your parents or somebody else, it will be difficult to change. Start small. Maybe every morning just get up and out of the house and take a 10 min. walk, slowly build up and do more exercises when you get used to that initial routine.


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