Saturday, July 26, 2014

My First Marathon!!!

Ran my first-ever marathon today, barefoot at that. Took off from the house this morning following a route that had taken me 28.6 kilometres last week, and figured if I just added a couple loops through neighbourhoods I hadn't visited before, then I could easily boost it up to the 42km marathon standard. So that's what I did. Unfortunately though, my body did not want to run past about 32km... and 10km is itself a pretty long run, especially when your legs are played out. But I pushed on anyway, and one of the major motivational factors for doing so was the potential to get myself into the Kwoon Records alongside Sigung in the Marathon category that he solely owns. As I ran, with voices in my head telling me to go ahead and quit, that I'd gone far enough for this week, I just kept talking back to them about how they were right, but how at the same time I was already now so close to finishing my first marathon... it would be a shame to quit. On I ran, winding down, using everything I had to push through those last four or five kilometres especially. Oh man, was it hard. I knew it was going to be difficult, but not like that. My Withings Pulse activity tracker finally indicated I'd finished the 42km about a block and a half from my house. I stopped running at that point. It had taken me 3 hours and 24 minutes. And I was broken. Still am, six hours later. I can hardly walk, my legs are that played out. But no injuries, and I can now report that I have run a barefoot marathon!! So put me on the board, because it was done, and I want to claim my place beside Sigung as an older guy who can do something the younger Todai can't


  1. Thanks, jk my name is ryan too. Great job man

  2. I just updated the Kwoon records with your accomplishment. I'm very glad to see that the FMK records is motivating you to excel. That time is going to stay number 1 for a pretty long time. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks! I got a congratulatory phone call from my dad today too, who saw my announcement on YouTube. He's done a couple marathons himself, and was pretty shocked at my speed. Man... makes me really want to get into an official marathon soon, so there's no doubt about the kind of time I can do

    1. That's a very impressive time for a first time marathon, I think you found out one of your special natural skill that you can very much excel in with great effort. The marathons do cost a bit of money but I think if you run in at least one and get it logged officially with the City that will make all your personal runs believable from outsiders as you have proof from a verifiable source of an official time. Say then with the city you get 3:10, then you keep running on your own and you end up getting 3:05, then it will be very much believable that your personal runs are accurately timed. It is difficult to verify long runs for the Kwoon records but I see this to be a way we can do it.

  4. In order to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I need to cut nine minutes

  5. Thats intense... you did it barefoot! Now thats a true Todai!


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