Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I blame the Gracies and MMA and BJJ for this

This is a VERY disturbing video,

two dudes get into a fight while being filmed. One of the guys ends up choking and killing the other dude.

I saw Gracie Breakdown video of this.

They said, that people watch the UFC and MMA and then they go to the streets and try to imitate it, that this is why people should go to BBJ gyms and train under proper instruction to learn that this techniques are dangerous and shouldn't be applied unless you are on a situation where your life is at risk, well no shit.

Well this is what happens when you allow every psychopath in the world to learn and get examples from stupid people fighting on television. People like that stupid beast who killed a person shouldn't even be able to watch stuff like that on TV. Let alone go to a gym and directly train on the techniques.

I know it's an easy technique to do. That's why everybody can do it.

The guy who got killed tapped out, No referee, he's dead.
Then  the guy filming screams KILL HIM. The murderer didn't release the choke after the guy was passed out, he held it for a  minute longer and the video gets cut, and he was still choking then, we really don't know how long the choke was sustained.
I also saw comments of people talking about watching real fights and how one person just keeps hitting one person on the ground til they have seizures and more than that.

This is what MMA has created promoting choking and ground and pound.

Where did the guy learned to tap? from the fucking MMA and UFC, where else? From the Olympics?
Where did the other guy learned that it is okay to choke a person out, I guess that from the fucking UFC too.

According to the uploader of the page this started as a "friendly" fight. And one person ended up dead.

I don't care how friendly it starts, if you are not fighting in competition with protective gloves, mouth guard, a soft floor and a referee, you better be prepared to fight for your life.

I know that not everybody who watches or practices MMA is a psychopath killer.

But this techniques should not be available on television for everybody to learn, they should not be available to learn on youtube from MMA instructors. MMA gyms should not accept everybody who walks into their gyms.

On a ninjutsu dojo I attended to there was a freaking gang member, why else would a gang member be at a freaking martial arts dojo?

To learn how to kill.

He was there only a couple of months, but still the fact that he was allowed to train was very very disturbing.


  1. I cannot agree with you more. This was very disturbing to watch. That is why you just cannot teach everybody deadly techniques.


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