Thursday, September 18, 2014

Please help me with tips on musicians rivalry

So as far as martial arts go, I'm just training, I'm enjoying it, I'm not thinking on making money with it, I don't earn money with it, I just do it because I like doing it, I'm no thinking of entering tournaments, or uploading videos of myself beating somebody, or doing crazy stunts, or thinking of winning medals.

I'm just doing it and enjoying it, and improving myself.

I wanna start doing it more with what is now the career I'm majoring in, and it's music.

There's a lot of competition in music, there's a lot of egos in music. I kinda want to let go of that.

Music started as a way of expression and communication, I choose to do it because I like it, of course I would like to live and pay my bills doing what I love, who doesn't?

But then again I want to get away from those thoughts, and just be in the moment and enjoying what I'm learning studying, practicing.

Anybody has tips on this?

It would be greatly appreciated


  1. It is similar to training, you do the best you can. When you train, you don't compete, same with music. You do it because you love it, then you share it. Give your attention to constructive criticism and keep on grinding.


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