Thursday, March 28, 2013

Body, Mind & Spirit

I encourage everybody and when i say everybody i mean everybody, students, associates, fans of FMK and the rest of the world to get highly balanced in Body, Mind & Spirit. You can be a true Martial Artist, a Carpenter, a Dancer, a Cook, a Plumber or whatever else but know that you can train Body, Mind & Spirit no matter what your inner Kung Fu is. Know that it brings peace within, feel it! Get your own truth, express yourself with others, exchange ideas, get curious, ask questions, read books, train your body, train your fighting techniques, get creative, learn as much as you teach, be ALIVE! We're not perfect, who is? But not being perfect is not an excuse for giving up, it is a reason to climb the stairs one by one, each steps at a time. You will fall, but you will get up and climb again. You will cry and get depressed but somehow, you will get back up stronger. You got something special inside of you, yeah you, whoever you are, wherever your at. Don't give up on that something special. Don't give up on that beauty no matter what it is. Problems are there for solutions. Life goes in cycles for all of us. And yeah there is the law of the exception meaning you can live something extreme that is completly crazy and that can take a completly crazy dedication to get out of it, but you have to know that life, that life inside of you is build like a rock, it flows like the water, it can crush everything like the wind, and burn like the fire and in time of extreme difficultys your heart can get frozen to protect itself, but it can come back. Scars can go deep, but they are there to tell stories for us to learn. Of course we could all live without scars, but it is what it is. So Body, Mind & Spirit my friend; Body, Mind & Spirit!

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  1. Thanks for the great post. To live like water is to be at one with your Body, Mind & Spirit. Once you live like water, you will reach peace. With peace, no problems can be left unsolved!


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