Friday, March 8, 2013


Everyone of us in and around FMK is walking with, towards or wants to get and/or live the truth. It's great to be around people online who shares similar energy. Sometimes I'll come up with articles I expressed or I will just express what comes out of my mind at the moment in no particular fashion. Aparts from sharing articles I wrote, I'll keep it simple. More I get to truth, more simple things get around me. And more simple my expression is getting.

Simplicity to me fits with silence. Silence to me fits with being in the moment.

Have a nice day!


  1. Thank you for sharing, I'm glad that you are participating in helping to get more activity on this blog in order to promote greater communication between Todai's and those involved in FMK.

  2. Right, truth does make things more simple.

  3. I feel like we need to understand the difference between subjective truth, being what and how we view the world as well as ultimate or objective truth, the way the world and universe are outside of ourselves. It's difficult to consider and I don't think that anyone on this plane of existence will ever fully understand the latter Truth, but it is something to strive for.

    1. You are right. Ultimate truth is something we should strive to know.


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