Monday, March 25, 2013


Todai's, please take the time to watch this update video to keep in mind for all future FMK events.

Video Message to Todai Lian from Jenny.

Video Message to Todai Changpu from Jenny.


  1. Just so you're aware, Sifu... I tried to give your dad some money at the airport, what would have amounted to about half of what he spent this weekend on our event. He would not accept it, and acted insulted that I even offered. I totally understand this. This kind of generosity is very familiar to me. It reminds me of Blackfoot culture here at home. The challenge is for all of us to find ways to demonstrate our own sacrifices out of caring for one another's development. There are many ways this kind of commitment can be expressed

  2. I'm still trying to understand the thought process myself. I don't know if it is ego based or what. When I think about people who are rich, they may feel a sense of superiority over others who are poor and it gives them an ego trip when they feel that many people are dependent on them financially for happiness.

    As for the case of my father, he is just a very giving person, but as stated, the money is not just his, it is my mothers as well, so it is not just his decision. So the best solution is for in future events where this happens again, people pay for their part towards me & I will give the money to my mother and have her take part in the decision, if she does not accept, I will use that money towards the benefit of the kwoon as a whole.

    The money can be used to host future events but I also see that it should be distributed towards those who have put extra efforts to help better the kwoon. Those who have brought others in or helped market the kwoon like how Todai Ai had written that article, to those who are very active on the blog, to those who help teach, to those like Todai Daoming who had organized the Fan Dancing event, to those who have placed a greater part of their heart into this kwoon. Not everybody should be paid for, I see that extra effort has to be placed in order to receive that benefit.

  3. I spoke with Sigung Sunday Morning as he asked me if I enjoyed e meal, and ofcourse I told him we all did. I expressed to him that he did not have to pay the bill, but like Ryan said he genuinely was just so grateful that he has us to motivate him, and that we're here to support Sifu.

    I did tell him that we (or myself) will pay him back some way, and I didn't say in means of cash, because I know he would not accept it. He wasn't offended by it, he just kept telling me not to worry. I thanked Grandma Lee right away on Saturday too
    ofcourse, and until then I'll be thinking of some way to return the favor.

    Overall, great weekend though! Performing in public spaces sounds like a great trend to contiue when the weather gets warmer. The article has helped me gage interest in few my sisters *cross fingers* a few showed interest in fan dancing
    event on April. I'm rarely on fb, but when I do it's usually to promote for FMK.

    1. The event was amazing and I definitely plan on conducting our training outdoors in high traffic areas when the whether gets better in order to market and promote while we exercise. I am looking forward to the weather getting nicer. All your marketing efforts for FMK is highly appreciated. Thanks to you, Zhen and Kiew are here with us! And your thank you speech was very heartfelt.

  4. Sifu, I agree that the bill should be split in the future. If I can chip in, I would be more than happy to :)

    Jenny, Thank you so much for the kind words!! It really does encourage me to hear that I am not only building myself internally but also affecting the kwoon and my fellow todais. That's what makes FMK so different than any other school I've been to. You all have been so welcoming to me and so willing to train with me.. It makes me want to try harder. I see the standard that is upheld and I want to strive to achieve it like everyone else I train with. The way I see it is this, everyone in life is given their own set of challenges. The purpose of their life then becomes overcoming those challenges for the greater good and in order to effect the world around them. My challenge is quite obvious, yet in FMK, I am treated as an equal. There are no words for how that makes me feel inside and how much harder I want to work to better the kwoon as a whole in result. Thank you for teaching me.


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