Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Digress...

Let’s see… what can I say about this week’s progress? Actually, I think what went on might better be described as a degress (sic). After watching all the TKD training videos produced for the Online Todai, I started trying to incorporate little corrections into my form, and found myself all mucked up once again. It’s funny how something as simple as “hold your hand here to guard this” can translate to “foot doesn’t want to retract anymore.” This is the wonderful thing about martial arts, or really all studies in movement. I wonder if there will ever be a day where I’ll be introduced to a complex movement and just be able to do it right now, like nothing. I’m constantly reminded how little control I actually have of my body, except for that which repeated practice has ingrained into muscle memory...

Outside of the TKD set-backs, I think the best thing that’s happened to me over the past week has been coming to develop a ten-minute (or so) ab routine for the mornings that really does it for me. Five weeks into my brother’s ab challenge, I think I’m hooked on doing sit-ups every morning, just out of bed. I’d like to add some other basic bodyweight routines to this regimen, like maybe push-ups and pull-ups. Tomorrow is day one of the last week of my brother’s ab challenge. He’s already set up a page for his next event, which he’s calling “Show Muscle Showdown,” focused on the biceps and calves. I’ll probably go ahead and participate in that one too because, as I’ve already established, I have a masochistic vein

Speaking of my brother, he’s in Chicago right now. Flew in today for a photo session. His sponsors (Optimal Nutrition) are going to put out a new batch of ads in the muscle magazines. I myself will be landing in Chicago the night of March 21st, and am looking forward to joining morning practice at the FMK Kwoon for the following three days, and to a Chinatown fieldtrip that Saturday. Totally excited about meeting everyone face-to-face. I’m hoping that in the future, when there are more Online Todai, we can coordinate to have some kind of annual event at the Chicago Kwoon. Pie in the sky… what I really think would be cool is if the FMK family as a whole could take occasional (say every five years) pilgrimages to important martial arts sites. Obviously, the Shaolin Temple comes most immediately to mind, for the origin of both Zen and artistic wushu. How cool would that be if we could all go to China together for a week or so? Just an idea, but imagine what an experience it would be

Anyhow, it is blizzarding here right now, so it’ll probably be back to clunky boots for me tomorrow morning. This week, I’ll work on my box-kicking


  1. Good luck with the box-kicking!
    I have the same problem as you when I practice my CLF. I'll notice something that I want to fix or improve. When I get that fixed, I notice something else that I don't do quite right. It sometimes confuses me how I always notice my mistakes but can't seem to get it right. I guess some people are just funny like that.
    I'm also trying to plan a Chicago trip sometime soon, within the next couple of months. I don't know when yet.
    I'd really like to get a morning workout routine too. I usually wake up to my baby and spend all morning trying to keep my kids quiet so my husband can rest since he works late. I'm not very good at keeping them quiet, so it sometimes is frustrating. When it's nice enough out, I'll probably start bringing them out to the park in the mornings.

  2. Awesome!!! such great news to hear that you're coming to visit us soon! :)
    I train regularly Friday night, and Saturday morning, so we will definitely meet & you'll need to show off your skills from that first video in class when you get here.

    Great Ab video too! the first thing I thought of was "omg he can do the sit-up stand up!" I thought you said you couldn't do it? Nice Work! that makes you and Sifu for the guys! & as for the CLF, I don't know how you two can do it. I'm glad Sifu's there to always knit pick my arms and feet, because I know I would get confused too.

    mann Lian! I wish you could visit us too! hopefully summer when weather gets nice! :-) we're suppose to get up to 6+ inches of snow here over night. oh boy!

  3. Thanks Lian and Ai! I don't know if my sit-up and stand counts, since I really have to rely a lot on momentum, and so can't make it happen if my hands are behind my head. But I figure, if I keep working on it, my technique can improve. The real question now is, can I box kick?? Lian, I like your daughter's version of the CLF best

    1. oh, that's true. Wow I didn't even notice. Regardless, I think it's great progress! & I know in a matter of time you'll get it!

  4. Hopefully you're there, Ai, when I do make it to Chicago. I've been working on making a plan. I just have to work with my family and get it figured out. I'll definitly want to wait until the roads are cleared up some from the snow and ice too.
    I heard there was a snowstorm coming in. I'm supposed to get some here too.
    I was suprised at my daughter's CLF. I hadn't seen her do it before. She picks up a lot from watching people, haha.

    1. Ofcourse I'll be there. The drive from the kwoon for me is about 20-30 min away because I live on the northside of the city.

      & I say bring the kids! We all enjoy Sifu's kids when their around. I'm sure yours are just as well behaved, plus you already have them joining in on the training! haha

      stay warm in that snow storm today!

    2. Sifu said that I could bring the kids. I'm just not sure if my husband will let me take them to Chicago. I'm trying to make a plan so I can stay with my family for a couple of days and ride to Chicago with my brother. They live a lot closer, and my brother goes to Chicago quite a bit for business, so he's used to driving there.

      You stay warm too! I plan on just staying home today. I'm wondering how much snow we'll actually get.

  5. The China visit does not seem to be a option for me having 5 kids! It would be nice to all be able to go together. Maybe when I'm 50! It would be very nice for this kwoon to grow directly and online and to have get togethers every so often. I am really looking forward to your visit, the training, and the chinatown visit. I'm glad those TKD videos are helping. It has snowed quite a bit over here too.


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