Friday, March 15, 2013

Green Dragon is legit

Hi fam, just spreading the word about the green dragon. Most of you are aware that this juice was pivotal in me losing a bunch of weight and maintaining optimal health. The new part is that thanks to constant demand I will now be selling the juice. So far 3 FMK todais have bought individual gallons. And I will be selling individual servings this Saturday at the Sol cafe across the street from FMK. If you are in the hood stop by :) this drink has all the nutrients that we are lacking and is by far the best health supplement I have ever discovered and the best part is its natural!
If you are interested in getting some please contact me. They sell for $49.99 a gallon. Each gallon is about 20 servings good for 3 days :) be healthy family.
Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon, apple, ginger, grapes.


  1. Good luck with selling that juice. It looks good.
    I guess I won't see you doing burpees next week!

  2. That is pretty nice of you to sell the natural juice. It looks really. I bet it's pretty tasty.

  3. This might just be the thing to make you RICH! LOL. I know I'm too damn lazy to make it myself! Many people would rather just pay somebody else to do it! I'll definitely keep this in mind to promote to my fitness clients.


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