Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FMK Blog Activity

I have decided to require Todai's of FMK to increase blog activity in order to better get acquainted with one another.  Increased communication amongst Todai's will build stronger bonds and a stronger family.  All Todai's are required to make weekly posts and to comment on another post weekly.  Those who fail to do so will owe 100 FMK Burpees or pay a $5 fee.  Monday will be the day that I will check to see who has submitted their post and who has not.  So if you see any Todai's in the corner of the room doing FMK Burpees in the video, you will know why!


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  2. Does this mean I'm good for this month then for starting the trend? haha.jk! Sorry guys!

    With Todai Ryan coming to Chicago soon, I realized how much I take communicating with the online Todai's for granted. I'm honestly not a fan of social networing because of the drama and major distraction it brings. For instance, I'm at work now and here I am on here! haha I must admit I have the ever so addicting Facebook, and the way I see it... if I can check that daily, I can most certainly take my time going on to this blog with people that deserve the same attention they give us. Their not just viewers, their family too! :-)

    1. You've left so many comments already that you are more than good for quite awhile. Ideally it would be nice if all Todai's can get together for a weekly dinner or lunch but of course that would be extremely difficult to arrange, so this is a good alternative, to allow Todai's to grow closer bonds outside of the training, as when it comes to the training, we get down to business!

  3. I think this is a great idea, the weekly update and feedback. Even for those who are working out together in Chicago, sometimes different things can be expressed in this kind of context that you don't have focus on while practicing in the studio. I'm all for it

  4. Lol. Oh my God, you are being hard on us now! That's not fair! Haha. I do agree with you on why we should increase the blog activity. It is important to know your peers so we can build stronger bonds. I will post something that makes me happy real soon.

  5. I'll participate in the weekly blog post if you guys agree of course!


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