Friday, March 8, 2013

The Ego

The mind is the ego, the ego is your thoughts, it is thoughts that create insecurity and fear.  The ego is man-made; the ego is given to you by society.  You are not born with the ego.  Adults have a stronger ego than children because they have gone through many years of crystalizing their ego. 

Infants start with no ego, but as they grow, the ego slowly develops.  Language is ego, silence is no ego.  There cannot be insecurity in silence.  Insecurity only comes from the ego.  The ego watches your every move, the ego is your mask.  Your true self is no ego, your true self has no mask, your true self is connected to the whole.  The ego separates you from the whole.  The ego is concerned that you will be laughed at and humiliated.  The ego is concerned that you will be disrespected.  The ego is concerned about what others will think of you. 

An infant is natural and real.  An infant will burp, barf, fart, and cry with no worries.  An adult is afraid to be authentic; the ego prevents the adult from being authentic.  The adult will hold back his tears if he wants to cry.  The adult will feel humiliated if he was to fart in public.  The adult will feel uneasy if he is naked.  The infant cannot feel uneasy if he is naked, he has yet to formulate an ego to make him feel uneasy. 

A child will dance more easily than an adult.  An adult will feel that he needs alcohol to dance.  Alcohol and other forms of drugs serves to be a temporary relief from the ego.  Alcohol may temporarily relieve the adult from the ego.  Mediation is becoming a master over the ego.  A sage can turn the ego on and off like a light switch.  A normal adult is a slave to the ego, a normal adult does not know how to turn the ego off, a normal adult is completely controlled by the ego. 

The true self wants to dance, the ego will prevent you from dancing.  The true self wants to speak to the beautiful lady, the ego will prevent you from speaking.  The true self wants to exercise to get in shape, the ego will compare you to others and make you lose your motivation.  The ego always creates an imbalance.  The ego is never balanced.  The ego will either make you feel prideful and arrogant or depressed and insecure.  Only in meditation will the ego disappear and there will be silence.  In silence there cannot be pride, arrogance, depression or insecurity.  In silence, there is just the current moment. 


  1. I gotta admit... I have a ego especially about women! I will insecure every time I see a beautiful lady. I am always thinking about what she will think of me. Will she think I am cute or ugly? Will she think I am a creep? Consequently, I end up not speaking to her at all. I have been with this disease for so long... I don't know how to get out of it... :(.

    1. I'll bet most all people have insecurities like that, or of some other kind. I'm always wondering what people are thinking about me too. I try to ignore those thoughts and just let myself be, because I don't want to be too critical of my self or think to highly of myself either. The thought still always pop up though.

      Babies are awesome. :)

    2. Yeah I try not to be too critical of myself or overestimate myself... Man, the ego is such a disease isn't it? It's all society's fault for doing that but keeping on blaming society is not going to help me overcome my ego. I also try to talk to the ladies that are most good looking so I can overcome that insecurity... Hopefully, it will disappear one day.

    3. Yes, babies are awesome! :D

    4. That is good to try to face the insecurity and try talking to them more. It should help you to over come it. Just pay attention to their body language, and try not to take it personally if they're not friendly. They could always be grumpy with someone else and take it out on you.
      I've had insecurities with dealing with people in general. I'd sometimes just rather find a cave to hide in and not bother with people at all. I know that's not the say to live though, so I don't do that.
      Even this online thing is a challenge for me. At first, I'd cringe if I watched any of my videos just because it is me. I normally don't do much social networking either. I guess it's sort of an insecurity for me. In a way I have learned to enjoy facing challenges though. I feel like it helps me to become more well-rounded as a person.

    5. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely take it. I think that facing insecurities can be a way to become well-rounded. Our ego is always in the way. If for example you are at a party and you feel like you have to drink in order to dance, your ego is definitely the problem. Either you have not learn how to dance or you never really face your fear of dancing. I give up alcohol to face that insecurity itself.

  2. That is a problem that everybody almost got to go learn not to let it control us and always think positive


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