Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Jenny Lee!

 Recently, I have seen a video on Jenny Lee's surprise Birthday cake. I believe the video was posted yesterday. I could not write about it yesterday because I was celebrating my older brother's birthday! I guess I had two family members born in that same day, huh? If I am late, I am sorry if I could not write about it Jenny Lee. I even wish I could make a video about it but I am working getting the right tripod. If I can get the same tripod as Shi zu Lee and if it fits my Sony Bloggie, I would not have a problem making any videos especially if I want to get certified this year as a Sidai!
 Jenny Lee, if I could be in Chicago I would have been so happy to celebrate your birthday with you. The reason is you created an awesome family. I think Sifu chose the right person and he is really lucky to be with you. I do not aim to respect you on a specific day. I aim to respect everyday as long as I am living. As I live, I want to be a good role model of a real Dragon so hopefully, baby Ken could follow that path. He would not have to be trained in the Martial Arts, but I hope he could reach excellence in everything he loves to do. Thanks for your videos, thanks for establishing Freddie's Modern Kung Fu. Thanks for being one of my family members.


  1. Yeah, Happy Birthday Jenny! Or belated birthday if it was yesterday.

  2. Happy birthday Jenny, from Montreal Canada!

  3. Kang trying to accumulate more Brownie Points! LOL

  4. LOL. You figured. I will get certified this year even though you add the split machine. You can't stop me from being a Sidai, Sifu. LOL


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