Monday, March 25, 2013

Health diagrams

Here are some healthy diagrams that can aid in your nutrition. Remember vegetables are important but so is eating quality grains, proper protein and lots of herbs and antioxidants :)
Stop drinking animal milk it's not good for you!


  1. Oki Shunyuan! Thanks for this. I really need to get serious about my nutrition. Can you believe I gained seven pounds over just the three days I was in Chicago? Put myself on the scale when I got home last night, and I'm at 197.8... by far the heaviest I've ever been. My average weight throughout my adult life has been 165. I'd like to say the extra thirty pounds is all muscle, but obviously it's not. I've got a gut building, and I'd really like to slim it down again. I don't think more cardio is the answer, because I get at least a half hour, usually more, intense cardio per day. It has to be the nutrition. I don't eat fast food, or candy, or drink pop. But I do eat a lot of bread products, and fatty protein like beef and bacon. I need an absolutely killer fat-cutting diet pronto, to bring myself back down to where I'm supposed to be before I step over that 200 mark

  2. I need to take my nutrition more seriously too. I never thought milk was not good for me. I wonder why.

  3. kang: animal milk in particular cow milk, is very harmful, it leads to many illnesses and allergies. The "calcium" and "vitamin D" is a synthetic form that is added after the pasteurization process and does not occur naturally in the milk, the only milk you need is your mother's while breast feeding, after that, stop. There are many healthy alternatives. I love almond milk :) Also Most chicken is treated with harmful agents and chemicals as well so beware. especially chicken wings are dangerous, and have led to many cases of ovarian tumors in women. The wing is the injection point for all the chemicals administered to the animal ;(

    Ryan: there is a great acronym for achieving optimal nutrition its called: GBOMBS Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, and Seeds. stick to that diet everyday and you will be doing proper spin kicks in no time :)

  4. GBOMBS grens, beans, onions, mushrooms, *berries, and seeds :)

    1. Thanks... I'm definitely going to make some diet changes. I don't normally eat many mushrooms though, except for the fairy-ring variety that I pick wild here. Where I grew up, we were near a mushroom farm, and the smell is something very close to that of a feed lot (and for the same reasons). It turned me completely off commercial fungi. Perhaps I'll swap mushrooms with fish and/or venison, not that they are at all the same, but because I am very fond of meat and think it will help considerably if I can at least eat the cleaner, 'gamey' varieties in smaller portions. Also, wild waterfowl eggs become available at my local wetlands within the next week or so, and I can't help but celebrate. I'll stick to the whites though, and feed the yolks to my birds, who absolutely love them. Yeah... I did go full vegan for a couple years, half a lifetime ago, but I'm not really prepared to do that again, and it doesn't fit well into my ultimate nutrition goal, which is to live off what is naturally abundant in my region, and cut myself off commercial foods altogether. I do appreciate all your advisements regardless though, and will adopt at least significant aspects of it. Will be starting to report on this nutrition-work on YouTube soon. Any ideas you have that might help, or responses to what I report in this regard in the future, let me know

    2. Lol... My 'M' will stand for Meat of the cleaner variety


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