Saturday, March 23, 2013

Concept: Rhythm In Everything

As a musician and martial artist I have noticed a crucial rhythm in everything we do. Rhythm is not only present in everyday life from how many breaths you take minute to the comedic timing of a joke on TV but I believe that it is crucial to survival. Being aware of this rhythm can be a great help with forms, precision of techniques and even breathing. The way I see it is simple. If you can slow yourself down enough to notice the rhythm, you can then become a better part of it. I think in our ever growing fast-paced society we lose sight of this idea. We forget that there is a pattern to how life actually moves. This movement can effect everything from something as small as an individual's mood to something as large as highway traffic. This pattern is so finite that if one person or thing is out of sync, the ripple effect would cause the whole thing to stumble. If we can master or at the very least begin to understand what makes this rhythm work, we can see how we can change it. Rhythm leads to flow, flow leads to patience, patience leads to balance. Allowing this pattern to influence how we train will make us train harder and better than before. Remember to breathe. The basic rhythm of your breath affects how well you can adjust to this idea. I'm still learning this idea but if we all take time to notice and adjust ourselves to this, I bet you'll see a side of the world that you never noticed before. I challenge you all this week to intentionally slow yourself down and notice the rhythm. Please share your experiences with this concept and comment throughout the week! I would love to see your experiences and share with you my own :)


  1. Cool post man, indeed, rhythm is in everything. I think rhythm originate from the beats of our hearts. The heart is the first connection known to mankind to actually have a rhythm to it. I believe music is the reflect of our heart as life. Have a nice day!

  2. Once again an amazing post! There was so much wisdom contained in the post but yet it was said in a very simple way, that is something that I highly value. As I stated before, I have discovered this natural talent that you have within to share your wisdom and I will keep promoting you to continue to express yourself in writing to help others gain a greater understanding of Life. Keep it up! By the Way, Jenny had made a video dedicated to you, it is in the process of uploading, keep an eye out for it!


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