Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An Enlightened Being

An Enlightened Being  

“Here Nanak makes a valuable statement about how religion is altered and deformed when his light enters a person, he cannot help talking about him.  How can a flower stop spreading its fragrance when it blooms?  How can a lamp not spread light once it is illumined?  Whenever divinity descends into a person he is bound to talk about it.  He will sing his glories, what he has attained will ooze from each pore of his body and will be manifest like fragrance around him, like light.  Even if he remains silent, by basking in him his very being radiates news of him.”

“Nanak says: “Seeing such a person and hearing him talk of divine things, inferior and worthless people, who are no more than worms in human form, feel a sense of competition.  These people are filled with envy and jealousy and do their utmost to discount the attainment of such a one.” 

“So the first thing that happens around a person when he attains is that people around him will deny him and his attainment.  They will brand him a liar, a hoax.  They will set out on a fault-finding mission.  This is the Kali Yuga, the Age of Darkness, they will say, and who can attain in this ear?  The days of Sat Yuga, the Age of Truth, when so many beings were enlightened, are gone.  They will ask for a thousand and one proofs and do their utmost to demonstrate that he has not attained.”

“There is no way to prove one’s attainment, neither by one’s behavior, one’s clothes or one’s food.  But realization needs no proof; its light manifests all around the person.” 

“Then what do these people do?  Those among them whose ego is stronger than the rest proclaim to the world, I have attained!  The ego first denies the attainment of a genuine seeker: how could anyone do such a thing before he – the egoist – has realized?  When he finds that the man in question cannot be proved wrong, he lets it be known by the beat of a drum that he also has attained!

“Nanak speaks of the man and lowly – for nothing can be meaner or lower than the ego.  They are like lowly worms or insects.  They are filled with the spirit of competition.  Then they give rise to false stories of achievements.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 388


  1. It relates a lot to you Sifu Freddie Lee. You are enlightened but most people would feel that they have to prove that you are a liar, a hoax and a nobody. To me, you are the Man! I do not care what anybody else says.


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