Friday, March 13, 2015



As I grow I learn to appreciate rejection.  Rejection teaches you to be strong.  Like going into a fight and not being afraid to be hit.  Yes you don’t want to be hit but if you do get hit you are prepared and it is not a shock.  Soon enough you will no longer be afraid of fighting.  For every job you must apply, and nobody will ever go through life without being rejected in some job position.  Even when we go to college we must apply and not all of us will be accepted into each college we apply to. 

Rejection helps you to grow; it helps you to put into practice the art of meditation.  You would much rather try and be rejected than to never try and wonder for the rest of your life what would have happened.  Once you try and you are rejected, you know you can move on to what else life has in store for you.  If you never try and you wonder for your entire life, it will cause great misery and pain, it is the opposite of meditation.  It is like wishing for a life that will never happen, it is better to give it a try to see what happens. 

Every time I have been rejected, it has brought greatness in my life.  I was rejected in making the basketball team in High School, that lead me to the Martial Arts.  I was rejected by someone I loved in college and it lead me to my current wife of which we have created 5 children together.  I had been rejected in the Police Department and it had led me to operating my own business teaching what I love to teach.  I have been rejected on YouTube and it has lead me towards refocusing on my own spiritual growth.  Every rejection always leads towards your inner growth.  Every time I have been rejected, I always am grateful to myself that I gave it a try.  And as I mature, I see the beauty in rejection; it becomes a real life opportunity towards the development of applied meditation.

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