Saturday, March 21, 2015

Variety and the Martial Arts

His name is Neely Fuller Jr. I believe he hold a PhD in Education and he used to be a professor. In here, he is describing the whole idea about variety in a funny way. It got me to think about how the Martial Arts got corrupted as well. See? Bruce Lee said not to be bound by any style. Just be yourself and express yourself. The way the MMA community interpret it is to exploit as many styles as you can like Karate, Muay Thai, Aikido, ect... and now we should actually come and support that and believe that it is an improvement to the Martial Arts! This is ridiculous!! How me being on a ground with another man sucking my dick and kissing me all over an improvement? How is it that me pounding somebody who is unconscious an improvement to the Martial Arts? How diverting from boxing to kickboxing, to Muay Thai, to MMA an improvement to the Martial Arts? More importantly, how is it an improvement for humanity? I do not see it. And if you trying to bash on it, they will call you pussy, mentally ill. Ok. So promoting the Spirit in the Martial Arts is a mental disease? Haha. That make sense. But someday, like I mention, they will played out. Martial Arts school such as FMK and other similar school will rise so we can start putting some sense into this idiotic world.

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