Thursday, March 5, 2015

Books I Recommend

Books I Recommend from Beginners to Advanced Spiritual Development

 1)  “The Artist of Life” Bruce Lee
2)    “The Power of Now” Eckhart Tolle
3)    “The Art of Loving” Erich Fromm
4)    “Tao the Watercourse Way” Alan Watts
5)    “The Taoist Classics Volume 1” Thomas Cleary
6)    “The Book of Life” J.Krishnamurti
7)    “Tao of Pooh” Benjamin Hoff
8)    “Tao Te Ching” Lao-Tzu
9)    “The Spiritual Path: Buddha Zen Tao Tantra” Osho


  1. Once you read the Artist of Life, you won't even need to read another book on Bruce Lee. He almost tells you everything you need to know about Jeet Kune Do!


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